custom tool drawer organizer

Boosting Productivity and Tool Inventory Control  for Technicians, Mechanics and Businesses

ToolLodge® Tool Drawer Organizers have a tough vinyl backing and sharp fabric finish for a quality system. ToolLodge® organizers:

    • – Keep tools visible and accessible in your tool chest, not hidden away in cases.
    • – Are built with quality materials, and tested and proven durable in professional shops.
    • – Are easy to use and don’t require tracing, cutting, artistic abilities or hours of your time.
    • – Reduce the risk of lost tools by highlighting those that are missing at a glance.
    • – Look great!

How It Works

How to use Toollodge™


Organizing Your Tool Drawers –
The ToolLodge Advantage
How to Organize Tools with ToolLodge






mechanics tool organizer

Technicians Tool Chests

The more tools you own and the more you use them,  the more impor­tant orga­niz­ing those tools becomes.

Noth­ing hurts productivity more than spend­ing pre­cious time look­ing for a tool instead of get­ting the job done.

  • The cost of individual socket, wrench and driver organizers add up fast and many tools just don’t fit.  Tool­Lodge® lets you custom organize nearly all of your tools for less.




Maximize Productivity and Inventory Control in Your Operation

Organizing tools with Tool­Lodge® helps reduce both motion and inventory waste. Technicians gain efficiency by having tools retrievable at a glance. Also, with impressions which shadow-box, ToolLodge® is an important addition to your Tool Controls System or FOD Prevention Program.


  • Use Tool­Lodge® for other applications like displaying your coin collection and more.

Field Tested


ToolLodge®  has been tested in home and commercial garages by aerospace & automotive technicians.

“(ToolLodge®) saves time searching for tools and looks good in the tool chest – a good custom fit in the drawer. You can also tell if a tool is missing pretty quickly.”

Andy Klein, Owner
Overseas Garage
Long Beach, CA

“I liked the simplicity of organizing the tools.  Having an organized tool box is imperative in aviation.  Knowing what exact tools are missing at a glance allows you to maintain a proper inventory, which adds an extra level of safety in your operation.”

Peter Hallquist, Director of Maintenance
Los Angeles Helicopters
Long Beach, CA

ToolLodge is not recommended for on-board tool stor­age such as truck bed tool boxes which experience sudden movements and/or vibration. ToolLodge works best with sturdy hand tools. We do not recommend pressing or tapping on plastic tools or tools with large surface areas. Pressing or tapping fragile or calibrated tools into ToolLodge is not recommended.

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