Socket and Wrench Organization Comparisons

SOCKETS: ToolLodge®  easily holds the 159 sockets, extensions and drivers. ToolLodge® provides quicker access to tools and greater layout versatility.  And the price is about half of the cost of these rack-style socket organizers.   WRENCHES:  Wrench holders can be inexpensive at $7 each, but they don’t hold many wrench sets or combinations. There are… Read More

Auto Repair Shop Sets Tools in Order

Sockets & Ratchets with ToolLodge® Our local repair shop owner decided to use ToolLodge® to fit just part of this socket drawer and keep the organizers and cased tool sets already there. He also wanted to leave room in ToolLodge® for adding new tools.  The approach was to SORT, LAYOUT, and LODGE the tools.    1. SORT  Remove… Read More