ToolLodge on the Shop Floor: 5S

     “Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”   – Albert Einstein Many of our customers are companies who are implementing 5S, Standard Work or Lean improvements to eliminate waste.  In the “after” pictures, tools (and missing tools) are quickly identified.  Shop improvements like this make a difference every… Read More

ToolLodge on the Shop Floor: Set Up Time Reduction + Organized Parts Kits

 “Only the last turn of a bolt tightens it – the rest is just movement.” ~ Shigeo Shingo ToolLodge helps reduce the movement.  Here our customers have shown us how they use ToolLodge for parts kits (left) as well as machine tools. Thanks to our customers for the pictures!  

What ToolLodge Customers are Saying…

 “They are perfect! Thanks for following up.  I just got done setting them up and they look great!” – Michal, Arizona “The tool drawer inserts were received in great shape. The fit/function is fantastic as well. Your product makes organizing small tools simple.”  – Geneen, North Carolina “I am very satisfied!  I love your product… Read More

Trade Shows: SSP Displays Their Precision Work

While most of our product is used on a shop floor, Supreme Screw Products (SSP) has also found ToolLodge useful for displaying products at trade shows.   Booth visitors can easily pick up and inspect a precision component and the impression shows them exactly where to return it.