Sockets & Ratchets with ToolLodge®

Our local repair shop owner decided to use ToolLodge® to fit just part of this socket drawer and keep the organizers and cased tool sets already there. He also wanted to leave room in ToolLodge® for adding new tools.  The approach was to SORT, LAYOUT, and LODGE the tools.

  Mechanics Sockets ToolLodge

1. SORT  Remove all tools, sorting out and putting away the tools that really don’t belong. Sorting is a good opportunity to clean up any dirty tools and repair any broken items.  If an item cannot be used, toss it. These tools are used frequently and unused items are just in the way, creating clutter.


2. LAYOUT  For an efficient, functional layout, consider which tools are both commonly used and commonly used together.

It’s pretty easy in this case because there are only two drive sizes, 3/8 and 1/2 inch, so tools will be sectioned by drive size. The ToolLodge® is placed in the middle of the drawer with socket organizers and small tools in cases on each side, 3/8 on the right and 1/2  on the left.

Custom Socket Tool Organizer

3. LODGE  Creating indentations took just a few minutes. Tools are visible and there’s room for more.

The Wrench Drawer

Custom Wrench Organizer

A variety of wrenches, from sets and one-offs were laid out in this drawer and after 10 months of use in this busy shop, ToolLodge® still looks new. 





When a set a pliers was missing from this drawer, it was noticed immediately.  Custom Organize Pliers

The pliers were found in another mechanic’s tool chest.  ToolLodge®  is easily less than the cost of replacing just a few lost tools.