Peter – Houston, TX

While we receive plenty of feedback, this email from Peter is both extensive and thoughtful.  Many thanks to Peter!


The fit, form and function of my ordered items is nothing short of what your website describes. I did not desire a pre-cut drawer foam item, because like many of us, I have tools that are not all from the same Manufacturer, and that have at least slight dimensional differences.

I also desired to arrange my tools in the manner that I found to be useful, and I did not want to have someone else own that decision. Cutting my own drawer foam, while presenting on public domain websites as a comparatively simple task is, in my view, misleading. Cutting foam material precisely takes practise, and also requires specific tools that are (ideally) specialised for that same purpose.

One can obtain pre-cut systems with tool kits, such as those offered (now) in North America buy Sonic and Teng Tools. However, in order to take advantage of these storage systems, you are yet-again compelled to purchasing tools exclusively from one (1) Manufacturer, and which is a path that rarely, if ever, can be recommended…even Snap-on does not produce all the best tools in every design, although I am certain that this observation will be viewed as inflammatory to either the Snap-on owner or the route truck Salesperson.

Really, if anyone is seeking a truly custom application, and one that will present without any over-undersize cut-outs, and/or cut edges that become damaged over time due to tool use, then ToolLodge® is the only product that will meet with such demands.

Some customers may be disappointed by only having two (2) colours to select from (blue and black), but that is not my case, either. I do not always maintain clean hands when doing mechanic work on my dirt bikes and personal vehicles, and it is nice having black to conceal smudges.

Thanks again for making an affordable, unique product that anyone can purchase, and that will also serve to protect the investment made with high-quality hand tools.

Best Regards,


Peter – Houston, TX